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the service provided

The role of Ayres Townshend Associates is to handle the entire exercise, with the exception of the final shortlist interviews and hiring decision.

The process can be itemised as follows:

  • Meeting with relevant managers within the client company to gain a full understanding of the company's structure, markets, products and culture. In-depth discussion of the position, job specification, candidate profile and remuneration package. Particular attention is given to understanding the prevalent style and culture of the client company.
  • Where selection is used; choice of appropriate advertising media, writing advertising copy and placement of advertising through our full-service recruitment advertising agency.
  • Where search is used; compilation of a list of target individuals and/or companies and preparation of the search strategy.
  • Compilation of an assignment brief, detailing company history, candidate profile, job specification and terms & conditions of employment. This is read by candidates at preliminary interview stage.
  • Thorough screening of all CVs received in response to advertising.
  • Where search is used; initial contact with potential candidates to ascertain their level of interest and, where appropriate, arrange interviews.
  • In-depth preliminary interviews.
  • Presentation of shortlist details, including candidates' career history and consultant's comments.
  • Liaison and correspondence with all candidates, both successful and otherwise.
  • Psychometric and/or reasoning assessment - if required.
  • Obtaining references - if required.

We recognise that we are representing you, our client company. With this in mind, we are professional and courteous in the way we communicate with candidates at every stage of the assignment.

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